Grandma’s Lap Afghan

I’m excited because I just finished my Grandma’s Christmas gift. It’s a small lap afghan in her favorite color.

This afghan is big enough to cover me from my waist to the floor when I sit and there is room on both sides, so it’s a good width. I chose to make it smaller because my Grandma is in her 90s and I worry about her getting a long afghan tangled around her feet. Her balance is off anyway, so I think this smaller blanket is the way to go.

To create the blanket I found a very simple pattern for a granny rectangle on Crochet Again. I used a J or 5.00 mm hook. The yarn is from Hobby Lobby.

My Grandma has always loved the color purple and I thought this was lovely but not too purple…oh my gosh! I just realized I sound like that old commercial!

Ace Hardware Find Your Soul Paint

I think I’d describe this yarn as being more of a raisin color. Just gorgeous! I realized as soon as the first few rounds were done though, that I was going to have to make two afghans. My Mom’s favorite color also happens to be purple. She loved my bed spread so much that she’s already requested one. I am pretty sure I can get a larger afghan done for her before Christmas. I’ll definitely go with the granny rectangle again, but I looked at some ideas to create a different pattern at the corners. I’ll keep you posted.

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